photo: Hazel Durand

THE BOTTOM – As the rain showers of hurricane Irma begin to trickle in, residents on Saba are settling in their homes to ride out the nights much anticipated weather.

Hurricane broadcast by Saba governor Jonathan Johnson

Sabans started preparing since the weekend for what is expected to be one of the worse hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic. The Island Governor Jonathan Johnson has been issuing timely audio updates on the progress of the islands hurricane preparations and disaster plan. As a safety precaution electricity will be turned of at midnight.

Two shelters have been open as of 5:00pm. These are namely the Child Focus Building in Windwardside and the Sunny Valley Youth Center in The Bottom. A curfew will be in effect as of 10:00pm until Thursday morning.

Residents and business owners found unique ways to protect their properties. Photo: Hazel Durand

The harbor on Saba looks deserted after all boats were removed as customary. The sea swells will cover the entire pier. Photo: Hazel Durand