Caribbean Network utilizes a network of journalists from the islands to bring you the most interesting news developments in Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatous, Saba, and the Caribbean community in the Netherlands. Additionally, we follow political decisions made by The Hague, which have an effect on the Caribbean community.

Caribbean Network is a production of NTR and production company Journalistes Expérimentés and is run by experienced journalists from the islands:

Natasja Gibbs – Coordinator (location the Netherlands)

The islands, where Natasja’s family is from and where she worked as a correspondent for several years, have a special place in her heart as a ‘yu di Kòrsou’. Natasja studied Journalism in Utrecht and worked for De Wereldomroep, The Economist, and Radio 1. Nowadays she reports on the Caribbean community in the Netherlands. View Natasja’s cv here.


 Sharina Henriquez – Coordinator (location Aruba)

Sharina is of Aruban descent, although she was born on Curaçao. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she worked at the Stadsradio Den Haag and NOS. Afterwards she worked on Aruba at Amigoe and Bon Dia Aruba. When Caribbean Network started in 2013, she started as a correspondent. View Sharina’s cv here.


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