Caribbean Network provides news, current affairs and background information on Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten and the Dutch Caribbean community residing in the Netherlands.

Caribbean Network contributes to Dutch public broadcasting networks in the Netherlands, including the NTR and the NOS. Caribbean Network is a production of the NTR (The Netherlands) and Journalistes Expérimentés (Dutch Caribbean islands).

With a network of local journalists we monitor developments on the six Caribbean islands of the Dutch Kingdom. The network also keeps abreast with developments amongst the Antillean and Aruban communities in the Netherlands and the political process in The Hague, to the extend it is relevant for the six islands and/or the Caribbean communities in the Netherlands. Caribbean Network is an independent news agency.

Caribbean Network provides Dutch, Papiamento and English radio reports, news items and articles that are distributed through local media partners in the six Caribbean islands. Caribbean Network’s website functions as a central platform from which our partners in the Caribbean can find significant news reports. Our partners for their own medium may use them once all conditions agreed upon beforehand are upheld.

Caribbean Network:

Leoni Leidel-Schenk – Coordinator

Natasja Gibbs – Coordinator


Aruba: Ariën Rasmijn & Sharina Henriquez

Bonaire: Gijs van den Heuvel, Ronald A. Muyden

Curaçao: Elisa Koek, Leoni Leidel-Schenk, Ramon Yung, Dulce Koopman, José Manuel Dias & Deya Mensche

Saba: Esther Henry

St. Eustatius: Esther Henry

St. Maarten: Laura Bijnsdorp, Hilbert Haar

Netherlands: Natasja Gibbs & John Samson

Frans Jennekens

Hans Twint (NTR) & Jean Mentens (Journalistes Expérimentés)

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