photo: Hazel Durand

THE BOTTOM – Saba’s Fort Bay harbor and surroundings have suffered significant obstruction as a result of Hurricane Maria. The fishermen’s pier which had already sustained considerable damage from hurricane Irma appears to have been wiped away following hurricane Maria.

Large boulders on the road. Photo: Hazel Durand

Considering the hilly terrain and the torrential rain, landslides sent large boulders tumbling onto the harbor roadway. A team of Dutch marines and local manpower began removing the boulders Wednesday morning after the downpours subdued.

A decision was made to keep this road closed for public access until the storm surge subdues and the road is cleared of all debris. Divers will also assess the damage to the pier in the coming days. There will be marines at night en security at daytime at the harbor until the assessment of the damage is done, says governor Jonathan Johnson.

Photo: Koninklijke Marine

There is structural damage caused by hurricane Maria, but overall the experience as expressed by some was nothing in comparison to hurricane Irma. Sabans were without electricity for 24 hours as a precautionary measure of the electric company. The island’s communication towers have also withstood hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Irma hindered the islands’ renowned flora, but as nature has its way Hurricane Maria brought rejuvenation with an overwhelming amount of rain.