photo: NTR

PHILIPSBURG – “I have a sense of urgency that we need to quickly agree on a strong program with the Sint Maarten government. This plan has to meet all the conditions required; which includes good procedures and integrity, because there is no way we are just going to give a blank check”, says Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk while visiting Sint Maarten this week.

Plasterk visited Sint Maarten for the second them after the island was hit by hurricane Irma last month.

Plasterk: “Technically with the help of the military, the schools are ready to resume. But there is also underlying damage in situations like these to the society, which schools often also end up having to deal with; parents that are out of work, food is hard to come by, and so on.”

The minister expressed during his visit at the local Oranje School that the Kingdom would be happy to help and take all aspects into rebuilding Sint Maarten into consideration. “This can only happen with an accountable plan of action.”