photo: EHRP

THE BOTTOM – Due to a possible increase of earth movements, a team of the seismological department of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute(KNMI) visited Saba January 26 to place extra seismic measurement instruments on the island. Today, a 4.0 Magnitude earthquake left the island with no damages. Sabans who were sleeping during the time of 4:02 A.M. wouldn’t have felt this shake.

The underwater earthquake was 36 kilometers from Monkey Hill, Saint Kitts and Nevis. According to the United States Geological Survey, this earthquake’s epicenter is 17.455°N 62.402°W with the minimum distance of 145.7 km (1.31°).

Saba along with Leewards Islands experienced a 5.2 Magnitude earthquake on December 24.

After shocks are possible and it is advised to be alert. Nevertheless, there are no reports of damages or tsunami threats across the region, according to local reports.

Maintenance of the existing devices was also monitored. Live seismograms are available online viewing all villages.