photo: Esther Henry

THE BOTTOM – Saba’s only gas station ran out of gasoline on Saturday morning, leaving the island also without public transport. “It has a large impact on us since it’s our livelihood. There’s nothing we can do about it but wait,” expressed Donna Cain, taxi driver for 13 years.

Cain continued: “Before there were two gas stations, but now we are only left with one.  As of right now, I am only accommodating to those who scheduled a ride before this announcement. However, last-minute runs will not be possible.”

Rough sea delays shipment
José Luis Arenas, general maintenance at the only gas station Big Rock Engineering explained: “We knew it would run out because the company’s shipment from Puerto Rico was supposed to reach Saba on the 12th of February, but mother nature didn’t allow that to happen. If the weather permits, gasoline will be purchased again on Wednesday.”

No public transportation
Currently, there is no public bus transportation on the island. Due to steep roads, walking is not an option for long distances.

“Luckily, I filled my gas tank just in time. However, I will stop and offer someone a ride if we are going the same direction. Things like this are expected when living on an island that solely relies on outside islands or countries”, says Zulema Every, a business administrator.