photo: Pixabay

THE HAGUE – Politicians in The Hague generally react positively about the election results of St. Maarten. According to State Secretary Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations), this result offers ‘prospects for collaboration’.

The United Democrats party won the most seats during Monday’s elections. St. Maarten went to the ballot box early, after former Prime Minister William Marlin of the National Alliance caused a political crisis in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

One seat short
The United Democrats, the arch rival of former Prime Minister Marlin’s National Alliance, would prefer to be able to rule alone, but the party is short of a seat. The small Christian party SMCP has a key role in which coalition can be formed.

It cannot therefore be ruled out that Marlin’s party, which was opposed to the Dutch conditions that adhered to the 550 million euro reconstruction fund, could return.

VVD speaks of a ‘remarkable result’
The largest coalition party in the Netherlands is pleased with the election process, but reacts cautiously about the outcome. “The tricky thing is that the parties didn’t create a program when they entered these elections”.

SP: Seeing is believing
Based on the election results, residents of St. Maarten did not opt for ‘a change’, the SP concludes. “I‘ve noticed that a number of people who are suspected of fraud, tax evasion and vote tampering were elected again,” says Ronald van Raak.

“The most important thing for the people of St. Maarten is that the reconstruction can really begin. That we are going to help the people and get the island back on top. I hope that the incoming government will be successful”.

CDA wants to focus on ‘good relationships’
Just like coalition partner VVD, the CDA is ‘pleased’ that the elections on St. Maarten went well. “I hope now that a stable government will be formed very quickly,” says Joba van den Berg.

According to the parliamentarian, the commitment of the CDA is to improve the relationship with St. Maarten, so that ‘the people’s lives will get better and that the Netherlands can support people with knowledge and expertise’.

D66: ‘result gives confidence’
A formation of the winning parties UD and SMCP ‘gives confidence to continue with the reconstruction’, says Lower House member Antje Diertens. “We are pleased that the elections were conducted steadily”.

GroenLinks hopes for ‘stable government’
“It’s nice that the elections were concluded without any strange incidents. That’s how it’s supposed to be in a democracy, “says Liesbeth van Tongeren on behalf of GroenLinks. The party hopes that “a stable government will soon take charge of the reconstruction and give the inhabitants a good future”.

Labor Party: ‘speed up’
According to PvdA parliament member Attje Kuiken, this result offers ‘perspective’. “The parties now have the responsibility to create a stable and honest government that will get to work. As a resident, after the devastation of hurricane Irma, you want to be sure that the reconstruction is done swiftly”, Kuiken adds.