photo: Esther Henry

THE BOTTOM – Saba, the only Dutch island without a DOET volunteer program, participated within SXM DOET on Saturday for the first time. “It is in our nature as Sabans to give a helping hand. I feel joining the DOET is a good fit for us”, says Leo club member Jade Every.

“Due to late application submission, funding was not available, so SXM DOET on Sint Maarten assisted”, explains volunteer Mary Thielman.

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The Saba Lions Club and a number of students in its Leo Based Activities, totaling 24 persons, painted the property where the home of Yvonne Zaegers was burnt in 2017. A clean-up and painting of a community center will follow in the future.

Ready to help
Franklin Wilson, acting Island Governor of Saba and volunteer, states: “This project is highlighted to assist a needy person and beautify The Bottom. Assisting the home for the aged is an example of a project that we can do next year with beautification and taking the elderly out.”

Acting Island Governor Wilson talks about plans for Saba Doet

“Yes, Saba needs their own DOET in the sense of properly organizing stuff, but things still get done without the organization since Sabans don’t wait until things get official to do work”, says volunteer Wingrove Baker.

Volunteer Roxanne Simmons and Branch Manager of RBC Saba states: “This is the first time RBC is participating in giving back. This was very well organized and we wanted to help the owner of the home.”

Volunteer Roxanne Simmons talks about her contribution for SXM Doet on Saba

Community’s support
Karen Sorton, neighbour to Ms. Zaegers, says: “I saw the folks this morning and it was good that she got help because her house got burnt in November 2017. She is considered lucky.”

Sorton continues: “Of course this initiative will benefit the island in many different areas. This will also be good for our young people growing up.”