photo: Esther Henry

THE BOTTOM – As expected the turnout was low on the day of the referendum on the new law also known as ‘sleepwet’ Wednesday. People that did come out to vote, complained about lack of communication.

Teacher Rhiannon Jorna on the low turnout

Preliminary results
Citizens also could vote by letter at the Dutch representation on Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten. Aruba counted 53 votes of the total of 91 valid votes in favor of the new law that gives intelligence agencies more power to tap digital traffic. Curacao counted 100 votes in favor, of 154 votes total. And on Sint Maarten 13 votes were counted in favor of the 26 in total.

Saban Eric Cornet about why he’s against the law

The RCN Communication department on the assignment of the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs was held responsible for informing the community on the referendum. However no comments was available on Wednesday on the criticism expressed by Sabans about the lack of information.

Language problem
The problem I think on Saba is that we are far away from the mainland that we actually miss a lot. Another problem is that English is spoken the language on Saba and a lot of information was only available in Dutch since it’s a Dutch law. I get it”, expressed Rhiannon Jorna, English teacher.