ROTTERDAM – Wikipedia lacks articles, and images containing the history and culture of Surinam, and the Caribbean. In May the online encyclopedia started producing more articles on these topics with the help of volunteers.

Last Friday, on Dia di Tula (Tula Day), special attention was paid to this initiative by Wikipedia. Wikipedia put information about Tula on its home page on Friday so that everyone who visited the site could read about the leader of the slave revolt. This information is of vital importance to every Dutch citizen, according to Valika Smeulders a cultural heritage, diversity, and colonial history specialist attached to the Rijksmuseum.

By Natasja Gibbs (English subtitles available)

During the entire month of September the Dutch branch of the online encyclopedia, in conjunction with the Rijksmuseum, the National Archives, the Wereldmuseum, and the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies will be organizing Wikipedia events. “During these events ‘Wikipedia goes Caribbean” we will also teach the visitors how Wikipedia and other platforms like it work, and how to become a Wikipedian.”