photo: Caribbean Network

AMSTERDAM – “The Dutch media spends a lot of time reporting on corrupt politicians on the islands, but pays no attention to the harrowing situation in the Caribbean municipalities of the Netherlands.”

The Statian Urisha Blake from Rotterdam and the Bonarian Alfrida Martis from Amsterdam are fed up and are sounding the alarm. They want more attention to be paid to the poverty and inequality on their islands: the Caribbean municipalities of Bonaire, Statia, and Saba.

By Natasja Gibbs [English subtitles available]

Next to media attention, Urisha (English teacher)  and Alfrida (student) want to bring their concerns to the Binnenhof, although they don’t have the same ideas and solutions. One wants their island to become independent while the other mostly wants the same rights and treatment as the rest of the Dutch citizens within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. While one considers protesting, the other is hoping to start a dialogue.

You can listen to their entire story about what is really going on in the Caribbean municipalities of the Netherlands in the new podcast by Caribbean Network and NPO Radio 1.


Listen to stories about poverty and inequality in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Natasja Gibbs, together with Bonairan Alfrida Martis and Statian Urisha Blake, looks into the situation on their respective islands. They are also looking towards the future. Koninkrijkskwesties by Caribbean Network and NPO Radio 1.
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