THE BOTTOM – Saba, a five square-mile island has roughly 14 different kinds of restaurants/bars while other means of night entertainment is limited. Local music producer Madwillo la Cura explained, “Apart from bar hopping or going to a restaurant, there is nothing else to do.”

“When people come to the Caribbean they think about the sea, sun and the party life. When one of those things are missing, then your Caribbean experience is not the same. I think that’s why we mostly attract older folks to the island, because our night life is not that exciting”, ended Madwillo la Cura.

Locals seek diversity
Esmeralda Johnson said, “I think that Saba’s night life may be poor because of the size of the population and the expense of going out every night. I don’t think there’s a poor night life on Saba every night, of course things can improve.”

Johnson added, “Some of the things I’d like to see in the night life are different types of music – more diverse because even in a small community like Saba, it is very diverse and people should also be open to listening/dancing to new music. Bars and restaurants can try to do at least 1 event per month, for example: Karaoke Night, Talent Show, or Comedy Event.”

A local musician added, “I would give Saba a 3 star rating. In the past, there were more options but now there’s a lack of good entertainment such as live music, great DJ, where everywhere you go is practically of the same thing.”

“When there’s nothing to do, persons watch Netflix or grab some drinks at a popular restaurant. Adding an arcade with multiple games or bowling alley for persons to hang out and mingle without loud music, would add more to our nightlife.”

Security measures increase
Persons caught fighting during events, parties or at bars leading up to carnival will receive a ban from carnival and other events. The Public of Entity of Saba in 2018 stated, “Before carnival, two individuals were banned when they caused a fight in the streets. During carnival, the Acting Island Governor handed out three additional bans for disorderly conduct. During the carnival, there were no significant fights in the village or during the parades, J’ouvert or jump up. After the burning of King Momo and while closing the village, an altercation occurred, which was handled by the police.”

A local security officer stated, “About a year there was a decrease, maybe just because Saba had no clubs, no small night events through the week and some bars here close early. On another note, people complain about nightlife here on Saba.”

He continued, “In the night time, it is now almost every other weekend for security services. Persons between the ages of 20-38 years are involved in fights due to intoxication and petty personal issues, for example, someone saying this and that about one another. Even when I’m not working, I do assist in helping to stop a fight.”

According to, the Crime & Traffic Number of 2017 from Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland, there were a total of 16 cases of assaults in 2017, and 1 public violence. During the month of July 4 out of 6 cases were of assaults. During the month of August 3 out of 4 cases were of assaults as well. During the month of December 3 out of 5 cases were of also assaults.