photo: Tim van Dijk

PHILIPSBURG – Caregivers of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation on Sint Maarten continue their tireless work on the island of caring for the elderly and disabled individuals, even in the face of the coronavirus. The foundation says that it is well prepared for the outbreak of the virus.

The foundation has a total of 150 residents and the employees help out another 250 people in the community. Family visits were still allowed on Tuesday morning, bigger groups such as schools and churches were no longer allowed to visit.

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By Tim van Dijk [English subtitles]

The caregivers of the White and Yellow Cross are taking extra hygiene precautions and family members have been kept up to date during the last couple of weeks.

Manager Bregje Boetekees: ‘That’s why we’re able to receive visitors during the visitation hour at the moment. We also purchased extra supplies so that we can keep on protecting our workers and residents.’

The community care program has not been stopped. Boetekees: ‘The personnel has been trained to identify whether or not family members have visited high risk areas and know how to deal with this.’

Island on lockdown

There is currently one person in quarantine on Sint Maarten who is suspected of having contracted the coronavirus. Additional tests have to show if this is the case.

Sint Maarten has shut itself off from all visitors starting since Tuesday. Only residents are welcome. Schools and companies have been shut down since Wednesday. Only essential companies such as drug stores, doctor’s offices, and supermarkets are allowed to remain open on the island.

On the French side (Saint Martin) inhabitants are only allowed to leave their homes in extraordinary circumstances. All flights have been cancelled here too and schools and non-essential companies have been shut down.