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ORANJESTAD – Due to the corona measures, schools in the entire Kingdom are closed and homeschooling presents challenges for parents. How do you combine working from home with homeschooling and discipline? And what do you do if you’re a single parent with a house full of children and work to do?

High school teacher, Urisha Blake, noticed that a lot of parents are struggling during the corona crisis. “It’s usually already tough for most people to balance everything and now they’re responsible for a school environment at home, you really notice that. We need to have an honest conversation about that”, says the teacher.

Caribbean Network  recently received a lot of questions from parents regarding working from home with children. We asked Urisha Blake for her expert advice:

Work according to a schedule
One of Blake’s most important advices for parents is to follow a daily routine. “Make a schedule for when the kids have to wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, and do their school work.”

Communicate with your children
According to the education expert communication is key: “talk to your children about these extraordinary circumstances and their own responsibilities. Children like to be the authors of their own life stories.”

Join forces with other parents
Blake also advises parents to seek out help at this time. “If you don’t know the answer to your child’s math problem, ask other parents for help. This is the time to work together.”

About Urisha Blake

Urisha Blake was born on Statia in 1993. After receiving her high school diploma she left the island to go study English in the Netherlands. After she completed her studies, she immediately found a job teaching English at a secondary school in Rotterdam.

Next to her work as a teacher, Urisha is also a vocal defender of children’s rights, especially those of afro-Caribbean girls. She utilizes her outspoken vlog called ‘Island Girl Chronicles’ to achieve this goal.

Urisha Blake

At the beginning of March, right before the start of the corona crisis, Urisha moved back to Statia from Rotterdam. “I want to make a contribution to the development and empowerment of the Caribbean youth, in other words our future”, she said right before she left in March.

The corona crisis put some of her plans on hold. But that didn’t stop the young teacher from helping her community in other ways. She helps parents and students with homeschooling and records vlogs to help inspire her fellow islanders and provide them with hope.