HILVERSUM – Actor and comedian Jandino Asporaat will call everyone to action, to fight the increasing levels of poverty on Curaçao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten, during his live benefit show on May 9th.

Due to the lockdown on the islands they have lost their largest source of income, tourism. This has led to an increased level of poverty and hunger.

“In the Caribbean part of our Kingdom there’s a silent disaster going on. A meal on the table isn’t a given anymore for some families”, says Asporaat. “I grew up in poverty, I know what it feels like to go to bed hungry. You wouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy. That’s why we really need your help.”

Food packages
Asporaat was born on Curaçao and lived there till he was eleven. Because of his connection to the inhabitants he set up #sameneenkoninkrijk, to collect funds for Curaçao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten. The funds will be used to make and distribute food packages to the people.

Warm show
The show Samen één Koninkrijk (Together we’re one Kingdom) will be a warm show filled with special performances, touching stories, and fun initiatives from throughout the country. Naturally there will be laughter and a special guest will announce the total amount of funds raised.

Want to participate?
The live benefit show on May 9th on NPO 1 is a follow up to the online benefit Jandino held on Instagram on April 25th. Both events are a part of Jandino’s initiative #sameneenkoninkrijk, which was made possible with the help of Cordaid and SHC (Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties Curaçao).

Caribbean Network contributed to the realization of the tv show. Do you want to help? Go to sameneenkoninkrijk.nl.

The benefit show Samen één Koninkrijk will be broadcast live on Saturday May 9th at 20:35, Dutch time, by the NTR on NPO 1. On the islands the show will be broadcast live by BVN via cable, satellite, and online at 14:35 local time.