photo: Tim van Dijk

PHILIPSBURG – ” They are turning a blind eye”, says lawyer Geert Hatzmann disapointed after the judge found the case of 37 inmates of Pointe Blanche inadmissible. The inmates fight against inhumane conditions in the prison on St. Maarten. “We’ll file for a new summary procedure.”

by Tim van Dijk

The judge dismissed the case because under civil law the justice minister cannot be summoned in court. The press release on the verdict states further:

“Concerning Country Sint Maarten the Court finds that the execution of the claims of the detainees cannot be executed by Country Sint Maarten without the cooperation of The Netherlands. However, the Netherlands are not part of these proceedings and the detainees have not proven that The Netherlands are willing to comply with the verdict. Neither have they proven that Country Sint Maarten is in a position to compel The Netherlands to adhere to a verdict in which the claims would be awarded. This means that awarding the claims of the detainees would be futile. Therefore the Court has decided that the claims against Country Sint Maarten are not admissible either.”