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PHILIPSBURG – With the proposed vaccination programme on St Maarten due to be rolled out in mid February, medical professionals are concerned that the public has access to as much information as possible. Following the article published by Caribbean Network on Monday 25th January, the comment by Dr Frits Bus that ‘The vaccine alters your DNA structure’ and his refusal to be vaccinated has prompted numerous doctors to oppose Dr Bus’ comment and offer alternative information.

Dr Anand Raghosing, GP at the Bush Road Clinic in St Maarten says he is recommending his high risk patients are immunised against Covid-19. He will be taking the vaccine when it arrives on island.

Dr Anand Raghosing about the vaccin againt Covid-19

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One medical professional on island requested that Dr Bus correct his previous statement as he has ‘a responsibility to share information that is medically correct.’

Dr Bus had the following to say: “I’m here not to bring false information, I try to share knowledge and concern. My practice consists of mostly local people and I fear for them. In no way can I give a consensus of safe advice for the vaccine. On St Maarten we are not coping with a serious situation so why not wait and see what happens?
But I will not say not to take the vaccine. Everyone has to make his own decision and in some cases it might be good to take the vaccine depending on your situation.”

A meeting for the general practitioners of the Dutch side of the island was held in the government building on 26th January. More information was given concerning the vaccine and how to pass this onto patients and members of the public. Dr Bus was in attendance at this meeting, as well as immunologist and head of the Department of Immunology in Curacao, Professor Dr. A. J. Duits. He offered the following statement;

“First of all vaccines are the most effective and successful medical interventions in history (about 2-3 million lives saved yearly).

The first two vaccines that are used to fight the Covid-19 virus are RNA-based vaccines (from Pfizer/BioNTech & Moderna). These vaccines contain RNA (genetic information) for just one part of the Covid-19 virus which is called a spike protein.

After injection, this genetic information is used by the cellular machinery to make the viral protein (spike protein) and stimulate the immune system (without making the person sick). This way you’ll create effective protection against future infections by the virus itself. A vaccine therefore only simulates an infection without making us sick.

It is very important to distinguish, that the genetic information used (RNA) is different from our genetic codes that consist of DNA. Therefore, the viral genetic information in the vaccine can never become part of our genetic information. Interestingly when we get infected by the Covid-19 virus in a normal way, it’s also viral RNA that uses our cellular machinery. It can make us sick but will never become part of our genetic information.

The vaccine itself will disappear in a couple of days to weeks from our body. The only final effect is a stronger immune system ready to protect against infection by the virus itself.

The vaccine has been extensively tested (45 thousand persons) before being approved for use by all regulatory agencies and by now millions of people have safely taken it. Vaccination is not only of importance to protect yourself but also to protect the community.

Only by having sufficient persons vaccinated and protected, we can guarantee that the remaining persons cannot be infected, and the virus is not able to reintroduce itself.”