Once again there are problems with various ATMs on Bonaire. Several times a week the requested amount cannot be withdrawn, money cannot be deposited or ATMs are out of order.

“It is a big problem because there are many people on Bonaire who use cash,” responds a Bonairean woman who works right next to the ATM. “You have problems almost every week, especially on weekends!”

Most small businesses prefer not to use an ATM because of the additional costs. For example, without cash, you cannot go to the cinema, market, or food trucks. “It is especially a big problem in Rincon because there is only one. Then it gets annoying: you have to go all the way to Playa!”

“I have seen this happening for over 2 years, that the ATMs are always out of order,” Janine responds. “Sometimes you have to try for several days! That’s why I always try to have extra cash with me.”


At MCB’s head office, it happens that both ATMs are out of order. “The ATM here in Nikiboko has been closed for a long time,” says a man. Anyone who needs cash should look for an ATM that does work. “Walking around, driving around. It will be quite a search.”

“At least once a week I have a moment when an ATM doesn’t work,” says Miluska. “It recently became annoying because I went to the cinema where you can only pay with cash and I couldn’t withdraw money anywhere.”

Janine says she is concerned about the frustration among tourists. “I recently saw a frustrated cruise tourist who needed cash and couldn’t get it. It is also not good for the economy if tourists cannot spend anything because of this.”

MCB responds

The vast majority of ATMs are from Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (MCB). When asked by the Caribbean Network, the bank did not provide clarity about why there are so often problems with the ATMs and what they are going to do about it.

“We indeed had ATMs that were out of action for a long time due to hardware problems,” the bank said in a written response.

“Cash deposits are available at three of our ATMs. These machines have their daily maintenance window and are closed for a few minutes, but not all three at the same time.”

“It is possible that an ATM could be short of certain banknotes, such as 10 dollars.” According to the bank, customers can still make debit card transactions in stores ‘for the desired amount, even under
10 dollars’.